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April is Dermatology & Skin Month

Skin problems are not uncommon in pets, and it can be very difficult to diagnose the root of the problem. Often, it can be a very long process which can be frustrating at times for the owner, their pet, and their veterinarian. Whether the issue is new or persistent, we are committed to working with you and your pet to provide alternatives to keep them as comfortable as possible while also addressing the underlying cause. If you have concerns about your pet, please give us a call at (780) 476-7558 to book an appointment today.


Hermitage Veterinary Hospital

Is Becoming Fear Free!

In an effort to help lower stress on our visitors (and their owners!) we have made a few changes around the hospital. This includes:

  • Cat only exam room.
  • Adaptil or Feliway diffusers in each room to dispense pheromones to help calm your pet.
  • Clinically proven calming music in each exam room to help your pet.
  • Our reception waiting area has been partitioned off into a dog only area and cat only area. This is to help reduce the stress cats can get from being around dogs in an already unfamiliar location.


  Cat Waiting Area                                   Dog Waiting Area

We Accept New Patients,
Emergencies & Walk-Ins